Introduction to Somatics with Bartenieff Fundamentals

Introduction to Somatics with Bartenieff Fundamentals

A somatic practice is one where you pay attention to your whole self when moving.

As a somatic practice, Bartenieff Fundamentalsfocuses on movement as a process of deepening sensory awareness which enhances consciousness and personal growth.

Using 9 principles and 7 underlying concepts, a picture of how we move and what moves us enables practitioners of all modalities to understand and incorporate the meaning of movement in order to facilitate transformation with their clients.

 BF practice enhances self-awareness and self development by increasing functional movement in our everyday tasks and exercise routines through a variety of experiences.  The embodiment of reflexes, and developmental movement patterns are explored in deceptively simple movement sequences.


Explore how we organize ourselves

Learn how people organize themselves developmentally by moving through 5 of our animal patterns. Discover how the yield/push, and reach/pull patterns, facilitate the initiation and sequencing of movement. Experience which patterns are strongly developed in you and those that may require a tune up.

In this workshop we will focus on HOW we accomplish any movement tasks.

This workshop supports the experience of dynamic alignment.

The material explored in this introductory course are easily integrated into the teaching.

or practice of the performing arts, yoga, Pilates, fitness training, psychotherapy and any body/mind practice.