Healing Body and Mind

Healing Body and Mind

You are not alone

As a Registered Psychotherapist (001972), I help people who suffer from stress, physical pain, depression and anxiety due to emotional trauma name and claim their unmet feelings and needs. To have someone listen deeply, and hold space so you can feel whole, centred and fully alive is a biological imperative.

  • Issues


    If depression and anxiety are manifesting in relationship problems, addictions, and body image distortion, I can help.

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  • Psychotherapy


    Stressful thoughts, psychological and emotional trauma, are stored in our mind, and manifest in our body. Together we look at issues that affect you, and hold you back from a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

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  • Craniosacral Therapy

    Craniosacral Therapy

    Using a light touch approach, I am trained to deeply facilitate the release of the stuck emotions. I work with you to find the source of your pain and transform it.

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  • My approach to therapy is holistic. Our bodies are home to all we think, feel and do. Our body is another site of knowledge.

    Nadine Saxton