All emotions even those that are suppressed and unexpressed have physical effects. Unexpressed emotions tend to stay in the body like small ticking time-bombs.

– Marilyn Van M. Derbur

It is helpful to have someone to talk to who can bring a sense of calm and insight back to your life.  To have someone to share the burden of your experience, to listen to you as you are, and to help you find the answers you seek. Having a confidential therapeutic relationship helps you understand the story of your life and supports you in stepping out of suffering into who you really are and can be!

An Amalgum Approach to psychotherapy

I work with individuals, couples, and families to understand, the nature of conflict in terms of  ruptures, resentments, responsibilities, repairs in order to find resilience in relationships.

In additon to Talk Therapy that uses an Interpersonal Neurobiological (IPNB) approach, the processing modalities I have available to support my clients are CranioSacral Therapy,  somatic movement, narrative writing, dance, role playing, Somato-Emotional Release, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I also incorporate Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT) into sessions.

Together we look at the issues that are impacting your body and mind, holding you back from being in a healthy relationship with yourself and others. I help you make the necessary shifts that align your thoughts, your feelings and your actions so you can make a lasting and healthy transformation to the life you want.

They say

  • “They say angels may be found here on earth. Mine came in the form of Nadine Saxton – my healing angel here on earth. With her compassion, wisdom, helping hands, intuitive & attentive ear, Nadine helped me through one of the most challenging periods of my life. She helped me “walk through the mud” and get to the other side with greater strength, confidence, grace, and resiliency – not an easy feat considering my state when I started this challenging journey of reconciling the wounds of the past. I am a different person as result of Nadine’s supportive work. Nadine has her client’s best interest and heart. She customizes her approach and intervention to meet the client where they’re at and helps them hold the work when it gets too heavy to sustain on one’s own. I am most grateful for the work she does and would strongly recommend her to anybody who is in need of strengthening of the body & soul from the inside-out. “

    Aggie A. Toronto
  • “Nadine, THANK YOU for who you are and for what you do! You have helped me change my life around. Before I found you I had lost all hope. I believed that I would always be an addict and would never escape my depression. Your infinite knowledge of the body & mind workings, your intelligence, compassion, empathy and kind words, the fact that you don’t hold one grain of judgment towards me, all these wonderful things have allowed me to not only become healthier but to also have hope for the future and love for myself. Hope and Love, the most healing emotions I have ever experienced!“

    Sophia A. Toronto
  • “Nadine is a dynamic and inviting individual. She gets you excited about the material she covers, because she is genuinely excited about it and believes in what she teaches. I would most definitely recommend Nadine’s workshops to all people who want to understand more about their bodies. I think all of Toronto should take her Laban Workshop! Again, thank you so much Nadine! Please keep me on your list of workshop announcements.“

  • “Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in the Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis program. It feels great to learn from professionals like you, who are passionate about what they do and open to “giving” their very best to all involved. I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot. Similar to taking the Bartenieff course with you, I’m still processing information on how it applies to what I do; to offer more well-rounded programs here at the studio. Specifically, I have been thinking a lot on integrating muscle groups to achieve certain movements in belly dance. I think this may allow a more natural human form and perhaps less repetitive stress injuries for dancers. The course, with your help, has opened new thinking on the way I teach and I believe this may be just the beginning. I look forward to continuing a learning journey with you. You really are a great person and, dare I say, “teacher” in the most honorable sense.“