FAQ: Somatics & Movement Therapy

FAQ: Somatics & Movement Therapy

What does somatic mean?

Soma means body. Somatic practices bring awareness to the body mind connection, by bringing consciousness to your physical sensation.

What is body-mind or mind-body?

Our physical bodies and our movement are the foundation of all of our experiences. Our bodies are home to all we think feel and do. Having the connection between your mind and your body in an integrated fashion.

Bodymind/or Mindbody (Somatic) – practices and consciousness enhance self awareness and self development by connecting at the level of the nervous system to increase functional movement in our everyday tasks.

What is Movement Therapy?

Movement Therapy is healing from trauma at the level of the nervous system using simple movement sequences, imagery, breathing techniques and touch, I help you to re connect with your sensations, heal fascia, and re-pattern inefficient movement choices to enhance holistic healing.

 What is Movement Analysis?

Movement Analysis is examining the phenomena of movement (the components of movement events.) Certified Movement Analysts (CMA) are looking at what IS present without judgment. We observe from four categories in the movement event. The categories are the Body, moving in Space, the quality of Effort, and how the person Shapes their relationship with the environment.

What is Movement Re-education?

Movement Re-education is working with a person on performance enhancement and coaching them towards efficient choices. If a person is falling, we look at where they are in relation to space, where they are in terms of energy output, where they are in terms of intention and follow through.

What is Non Verbal Communication?

If a person’s communication style is confusing, for instance saying, “I really want to help you” but  they are shaking their head and retreating with their hands up pushing us away, they are giving a mixed message. This is non verbal communication, what we are saying physically as well as verbally.