A breathing practice to get in touch with yourself

A breathing practice to get in touch with yourself

As a holistic practitioner, I understand that all is interconnected in some way. The environment in which I grow is a macrocosm of the microcosm of a single cell within me.

How I observe affects what is being observed and affects the results. What I bring to the process will determine what I discover. Consciousness exists in cellular structure and carries an energetic message.

My personal subjective content of my life affects all

I understand that complexity lies in simplicity and simplicity supports complexity.

In all my newsletter there is a functional element of connecting to breath. Breath is in all of us and can connect us to our inner spark and supports transcending to the heights of ecstasy.

Breath is the fastest way to bring the wisdom of your body to the conscious awareness of your mind.

All time is redeemable.

Redeem is to free from what distresses or harms.

Meeting tissues where they are.

Breath connects us to inner – it has the ability to move us from a sympathetic fight or flight state in our autonomic nervous system into a calm restful healing state.

This is the scaffold on which we live.
Our somatic understanding is based
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A window through which to see

A child can find internal stability because it provides stability
Creating a relations or self trust and contributes to self confidence