Learn with Nadine

Do you want to understand your non-verbal communication and the underlying components of emotional expression?

Do you want to have greater meaning and purpose in your teaching practice?

Do you want to improve your movement skills in yoga, dancing, skating, and other physical activities important to you?

Are you able to express yourself clearly and succinctly when giving instructions or presentations?

Without knowing it, we are involved in movement studies every day.

We observe and interpret other people’s ‘body language’ and they ours. Experience tells us that this non-verbal communication is often more revealing than the spoken language about people’s feelings for example, or their health. Movement also communicates deliberately, as in dance. In both cases movement conveys meaning. It is a language unto itself.

I design and offer experiential workshops for professional teacher/practitioners in such fields as dance, yoga, pilates, personal training, athletics, acting, psychotherapy, and coaching.

You receive valuable feedback about your state of mind/body, so you can grow in self-awareness and increase functional movement in your everyday tasks.

As a teacher, or therapist this approach provides you with language to clearly describe and support what you see.

Your ability to notice and self-correct enhances your ability to see what is happening in people around you so you can more fully understand non-verbal communication.

Explore the meaning of movement in theory and by experience and benefit from learning that is both challenging and enriching.